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Evolve By Meritto | UAE – India Chapter

By Career Guidance

Attend #EvolveByMeritto Dubai Chapter with ASTI Academy

Oct 27, 2023 | 03:00 PM | Dubai, - United Arab Emirates

Prepare for a unique gathering of prominent thought leaders from the UAE and India, where a wide-ranging discussion on global practices and lifelong connections takes center stage.

The #EvolveByMeritto Dubai Chapter goes beyond being just an event; it’s an exclusive collaborative space designed for thought leaders from both countries. Our goal is to create a platform where they can engage in in-depth case studies covering topics like international student recruitment, leadership in global schools, managing multiple campuses, scaling student recruitment initiatives, and establishing world-class research universities. Additionally, we offer informative roundtable discussions, enlightening panel sessions, and an exceptional networking opportunity during dinner.

We extend a warm invitation to a diverse range of educational stakeholders, including universities, EdTech startups, K12 schools, and international education consultants. United by our shared vision, we aim to enhance enrollment strategies through the exchange of global insights.

Cross-border Education Insights: Best Practices from India and UAE.

Panel Discussion with Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ali

Our beloved ASTI Group of Institution Chairman Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ali is set to deliver a compelling speech as part of a panel discussion on “Cross-border Education Insights: Best Practices from India and UAE.” Drawing on his extensive experience in the education sector, Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ali will provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of international education collaboration between these two dynamic nations.

His presentation will touch upon the importance of fostering global partnerships, sharing effective recruitment strategies for international students, and highlighting successful case studies of educational institutions that have excelled in this endeavor. With a keen focus on best practices, Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ali will emphasize the significance of quality education, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of cross-border education.

Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the synergies between India and the UAE in the field of education, making Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ali speech a must-attend event for all education professionals and stakeholders.

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