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Foundation In Accountancy

Develop Your Accounting Skills With ASTI Foundation in Accounting Program in UAE!!

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Foundation in Accountancy Program

Dubai is a hub for financial and business professionals, making it the ideal destination for those interested in pursuing a career in accounting. ASTI accounting foundation courses in Dubai provide the perfect groundwork for your accounting career. With a wealth of foundation accounting courses available, students can learn the fundamentals of accounting, finance, and business while taking advantage of the city’s thriving business environment. 

From entry-level certificate programs to more advanced courses, students can choose from a variety of accounting and finance programs designed to suit their needs and goals. With a curriculum that covers accounting principles, financial statements, and tax planning, these courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world of accounting. So, if you’re ready to start your journey in the exciting world of accounting, enroll in one of Dubai’s top foundation accounting courses from ASTI today and take the first step towards a bright future!!

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Accounting foundation courses in Dubai | UAE | ASTI
Get started on your accounting journey with our top-rated Accounting foundation courses in Dubai.

Why Choose ASTI for Foundation in Accounting?

Globally Recognized & Accredited

This accreditation ensures that the level 3 accounting courses offered by ASTI meet high standards of quality and that graduates are well-prepared for careers in accounting.

Flexible Learning Options

ASTI offers a variety of flexible learning options, including both on-campus and online courses. This can be especially beneficial for students who are working or have other commitments.

Experienced Faculty

The accounting faculty at ASTI includes highly experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. They bring a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom.

Foundation in Accounting Specialization

Level 3 diploma in accountancy programs from ASTI not only equips you with a solid theoretical understanding but also teaches you how to apply it practically, using real-world scenario-based assessment and software. Learners will gain an in-depth understanding of how financial information is communicated and applied. Also, this program will help to develop their own financial literacy, providing them with a firm foundation for their own future financial prosperity.

As well as quantitative modules, the Business School offers you the opportunity to study more qualitative aspects of banking and finance for example, financial ethics, personal finance, financial regulation, and aspects of sustainable banking and finance. This level 3 Foundation diploma in accountancy offers the learners the opportunity to expand and strengthen their confidence, skills, and knowledge – ensuring that they are well-prepared and qualified to progress into higher educational qualifications.

Scholarship Options

ASTI offers a wide range of discounts & scholarships depending on the student and certain parameters.

  • Early Application Discount
  • Merit Scholarship
  • Working Professional Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Community Engagement Scholarship
Level 3 Accountancy Program Brochure

We have changed the lives of over 300,000 students since 1995. Now it’s your turn!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students/Learners with Age 16 & Above.
  • Highschool qualifications (O Level / A levels/ 12th)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Also refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only)

How To Apply for Foundation in Under Graduate Program?

To apply for the Asti courses, Please click the link here to enroll ASTI Academy higher educational qualifications in Dubai. For any admission queries contact  our course advisors hereAlso, Write an email to us at or Give Us A Call at +97142809955 to  know more about Dubai Govt certified ASTI Programs!

Our Accreditations & Recognitions

ASTI Academy is Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, and multiple global educational legal bodies, proving government-approved vocational educational qualification programs in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Level 3 foundation diploma from ASTI get me into university?

Yes. Level 3 foundation diploma from ASTI enables the learners to join universities for higher education qualifications.

What year is level 3 at university?

Year 12. AS-levels are a Level 3 qualification, studied in Year 12.

Is a level 3 foundation diploma the same as a degree?

A student studying a Level 3 foundation Diploma will study a course equivalent to the A-Level standard and is also a qualification that can be used for entry into a Degree course.

What's entry-level 3 mean?

If you’re intending to enter further education after secondary school, these are typically the minimum requirements for entry onto courses.

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