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Quantity Surveying Diploma Courses | QS training courses | Dubai | ASTI Academy

Earn Higher International Diploma In Dubai

Quantity Surveying

Dubai is a hub of construction and engineering activity, making it a great place to study quantity surveying. Quantity Surveying Diploma Courses ,QS training courses from ASTI Dubai provide the students with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of quantity surveying. Also, it offers the students a strong focus on construction economics. This program is aimed at professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in quantity surveying.  As a quantity surveyor, you will play a critical role in the management and delivery of construction projects, from pre-construction to post-construction.

Quantity Surveying is a Profession in the construction industry, where experienced professionals will contribute to Calculating the Quantities required for the project, for various works like estimation, Bill of Quantities Preparation, Cost Estimation, Rate analysis, Budget calculation, and much more. During this course at ASTI, you will develop a range of academic and technical skills relevant to the building surveying profession. Obtaining an accredited degree and the necessary professional certifications in this field will certainly make the successful professional virtually indispensable. Choosing the right quantity surveying courses in Dubai can be a challenge, but with the right guidance and research, you can find a program that meets your career goals and helps you build the skills you need to succeed.

Introduction To Quantity Surveying Diploma Courses in Dubai

Higher International diploma in quantity surveying courses from ASTI offers comprehensive UK curriculum that covers all aspects of quantity surveying ,including cost estimation, construction contracts, project management and risk management. ASTI aims to produce building surveyors with a well-rounded ability to mix technical, creative, and business skills, ready to join an equally fast-moving built environment. 

ASTI is open to all those who are aspiring to change their jobs for better opportunities or those who have been abroad but could not secure an adequate position due to lack of experience and all those who are looking forward to a bright future. ASTI also offers its students with hands-on-experience through site visits ,internships, and real world projects with industry partners. You will therefore be industry-ready and can look forward to a fulfilling and enjoyable career as a building surveyor

Why Choose ASTI Quantity Surveying Training Courses In Dubai?

The quantity surveying diploma courses from ASTI are designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the construction industry as a trained professional. Our Quantity Surveying courses are delivered through a range of industry-focused modules. Whether you are a student, a professional quantity surveyor, or brand-new to the field, this course is ideal for you.

 The course covers a wide range of subjects, including: tender options, take-offs, bills of quantities, risk management, final accounts, valuations, applications, and much more! The most important and frequently used abilities a quantity surveyor is likely to need and utilize will be better understood by you by the time you depart from ASTI. With the right training and education, you can embark on a fulfilling career in the construction industry as a quantity surveyor in Dubai! 

Mode of Study

Online / On Campus / Blended

Program Duration

2 Years / 24 Months


240 Credits

  • Assignments Based Assessment
  • No Exams 

We have changed the lives of over 300,000 students since 1995. Now it’s your turn!

Quantity Surveying | Construction Cost Management Courses In Dubai | Program Specification

Quantity Surveying is a highly sought-after profession in the construction industry , and Dubai’s booming construction sector presents a wealth of opportunities for trained quantity surveyor professionals. The qualification is designed to help students become highly skilled Quantity Surveyors/ Estimator professional. It provides students with thorough knowledge, and the essential skills and talents to work as effective Quantity Surveying professionals who will play a key role in different projects

Qualification Title Higher International Diploma In Quantity Surveying
Qualification Level UK Level 5
Accreditation status Accredited
Credit Equivalence 240 Credits
Recognition Globally Recognized

Quantity Surveying Diploma Courses in Dubai | UK Curriculum and Course Module

Become a Skilled Quantity Surveyor with ASTI Accredited Diploma Courses in Dubai!

Discover the best quantity surveying diploma courses in Dubai and equip yourself with the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to excel in this field. These courses will prepare you for a fulfilling career as a quantity surveyor, providing you with the skills and expertise necessary to manage construction projects and control costs. Start your journey towards success today! Our popular Quantity Surveying diploma courses can put you on a fast-track to job success with strong career opportunities and the opportunity to lead built environment projects and teams.

Unit Code Unit Title Credits
SU001 Project 30 Credits

Master the Art of Construction Cost Management with ASTI Quantity Surveying Courses in Dubai!

Application Procedure For National Students

Students should submit a request with these links and one of our admissions officers will contact you for counseling and address all your queries.

After submitting the request form, Students should submit the application form. Click here to fill out the application form.

Offer Letter
Once the application is submitted, ASTI will issue an offer letter and the student ID card.

Campus Tour
Students will be invited to ASTI for a campus tour so that students can experience the different labs, classrooms, libraries, auditorium, and more.

Students should pay the registration fees to block their seats.

Once the registration is done, learners can enroll and start learning #from UAE Leading Technical Training Institute, ASTI.

Application Procedure For International Students

Learners should submit a request with these links and one of our admissions officers will contact you to provide E-Counseling and address all your queries.

After submitting the request form, Students should submit the application form. Click here to fill out the application form.

Offer Letter
An offer letter will be issued from ASTI once the information provided in the application form has been verified.

An interview will be conducted with learners to discuss in brief the process, fee structure, and program you’re enrolling in.

After the interview, learners need to pay the fee in order to continue with the registration process. Payment details will be shared with you by our admission officers. Register a safe payment of fees using a credit or debit card, or choose any other method of payment available.

Visa Application
Once the payment is received, ASTI will send a visa application form which learners need to fill out to proceed with visa processing.

A visa copy will be shared with learners and learners can enroll and start learning from ASTI.

Our customer service is available to you throughout the whole process. And start planning to study for your certified international higher diploma programs at Dubai’s leading technical academy ASTI! For Any queries, please fill out the contact form below and the ASTI team will contact you shortly to answer all your queries.

For a detailed program fee structure, Please feel free to contact us or connect to our Course Advisors here. Also, Write an email to us at or Give Us A Call at +97142809955 to  know more about Dubai Govt certified ASTI Programs!

Eligibility Criteria  for Quantity Surveying Diploma Courses in ASTI,Dubai
  • Students/Learners with Age 18 & Above.
  • Highschool qualifications (O Level / A levels/ 12th)
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Also, refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only).

ASTI Academy is Recognized & Accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA,  Ofqual, and multiple global educational legal bodies, proving government-approved vocational educational qualification programs in Dubai.

Quantity Surveying Career Pathways

Build a Rewarding Career in Construction Management with ASTI Quantity Surveying Courses in Dubai!

Learn Quantity surveying from ASTI Academy will help you to advance your current surveying career. Whether you’re working in the field and want to take a step towards career status or you’re looking to launch your career in the industry, the UAE-recognized certification in quantity surveying will help increase your earning potential.

Quantity Surveyors and Senior Quantity Surveyors

Typically, a project quantity surveyor oversees the entire project from beginning to end. This will entail being able to budget, predict costs, and manage subcontractors and suppliers while also using their skills to provide reports and final accounts. You will be expected to oversee all aspect of a number of projects as the lead, from project award and inception to completion.


The normal duties of an estimator include analyzing plans, bills of quantities, and other project data to determine costs. finding, negotiating, and securing the most affordable rates and estimates from suppliers and sub contractors. To create a finalized project estimate, they gather numerous data on expenses, time, and project needs. They then utilize their mathematical abilities to add, multiply, and divide labor, equipment, and supplies.

Building surveyors

Building surveyors are in charge of evaluating the quality of all types of structures, including residential, public, and commercial buildings. They assess the state of buildings and offer suggestions for how to make them better. They spend the majority of their time on-site monitoring structures’ performance and coming up with solutions to fix any design problems or make improvements.

Construction Managers

Construction managers are in charge of ensuring that construction projects proceed according to plan from beginning to end. They achieve this by keeping an eye on the situation at the site in their field office. They then determine what need additional attention or alert other parties if something hasn’t been completed in accordance with the urgency levels indicated by superiors.

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