These Diploma courses have been developed to provide learners an opportunity to gain a fully Accredited Higher Education qualification. Hands on Experience | Advanced Curriculum

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Gain in-depth knowledge to analyze automotive engineering problems, & apply a logical and systematic approach to diagnosis of components and interdisciplinary. Apply Now!


Design and develop engineering systems for a variety of fields in today’s fast-changing marketplace, focusing on manufacturing. Apply Now!


ASTI’s Civil Engineering Diploma Courses offer students the opportunity to learn about the wonders of civil engineering in a relaxed environment. Apply Now!


Our Electronic Engineering course focuses on analyzing, designing, developing and maintaining electrical control systems, microprocessor systems, biomedical and telecommunication systems. Apply Now!


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Build The World of Tomorrow! | Study Higher International Diploma in Dubai at ASTI Institution – Since 1995

ASTI Academy, which is situated in the center of Dubai, has been recognized as the top technical training institute in the UAE for vocational and technical training programs. Our Level 5 engineering courses place a strong emphasis on project-based learning, providing you with numerous opportunities to collaborate in teams on projects from conception to completion.

You will gain hands-on experience using engineering principles to solve problems in the real world, work in diverse teams to improve your interpersonal skills and get ready for a crucial part of modern engineering practice. We will provide a stimulating environment with lots of opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues, enhance your creativity and develop the attributes you need to stand out from the crowd.

Our Diploma Engineering courses encourage students to develop problem-solving skills, sound design practice and applied study, all of which are highly valued by employers.

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L5 Engineering students at ASTI Technical Institute Dubai learn the relevant principles of their specialism and spend time in our well-equipped workshops gaining the skills that will enable them to progress into a career or higher education.

All engineering degrees at ASTI are accredited or developed in partnership with the leading professional accrediting bodies.


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Our diploma engineering courses are amongst the best in the country, with many of our students excelling on work placements, progressing to university and realizing their career aspirations.
ASTI offers exclusive grants and scholarships for certain to students with exceptional academic or leadership experience.
The success rate of the organization is 99%, the students who qualify here are equipped with knowledge and experience.
Our campus is best- designed and built-in every way that facilitates students and faculties to be positively energized.
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We have changed the lives of over 300,000 students since 1995. Now it’s your turn!

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During my studies at ASTI, all of the teachers were really helpful and friendly. They have deep knowledge in their respective fields and their teaching method is also very good. There are no examinations, and we get our credit scores based on our assignment which is a great initiative.

KeerthyAutomobile Engineer

At ASTI, I had the chance to engage in various practical and theoretical practices. The professors here are really helpful as always and the units were thought well. I would recommend this institution to anyone who has the passion and interest in becoming a valuable individual in life.

MohamedMechanical Engineer

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