Full Time / Part Time
Level 5
240 Credits
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ASTI Dubai offers this course Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management ,objective is to support learners’ development as managers within the tourism and hospitality industry. The programme enables learners to develop their knowledge of theories applicable to management in the tourism and hospitality industry. It enables learners to make well-informed and confident decisions about the management of work areas in the tourism and hospitality industry.





Diploma in Tourism & Hospital Management (Level 5)

Level of Course
Level 5 qualification (equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s Degree). There is an embedded level 4 exit qualification, the Level 4 certificate.
Number of Credit Hours
Upon successful completion of the course the student will have completed at least 15 units and 240 + credits. On completion of Level 4 certificate the student will have completed at least 8 units and 120 + credits.
Study Mode
Full-Time /Part-Time
Level 4 Certificate (1 Year)
The level-5 qualification is delivered over two years, the first year at level 4 and the second year at level 5. If a student opts to take the Level 5, the student would be eligible for a Level 5 after successful completion of a minimum of 15 modules.
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Intended Learning outcomes:

After completing the course, the student will be able to:
  • To prepare and develop learner for a supervisory/management role in the hospitality and /or tourism industries
  • To develop an understanding and knowledge of the products, organization, and structure of the hospitality and tourism sector.
  • To develop students’ intellectual capabilities of analysis and interpretation, critical evaluation, selection, and synthesis, reasoned argument, research and problem-solving.
  • To develop graduates who are autonomous learners and who are able to demonstrate effective leadership, group work, IT, numerical and communication skills
  • To produce graduates who have a range of generic, transferable attributes enabling them to communicate effectively, work individually and in teams to guidelines (both defined and self-defined), be innovative and adaptable to change, manage and reflect on their own learning and who can contribute and respond effectively to the demands of their chosen profession.
  • To provide an understanding of progressive sustainability concepts, environmental impacts and ethical issues for the industry.

The award is made up of 12 units: Mandatory core units are:

Tourism and Hospitality Business Management (20 credits)

Services Marketing and Customer Service (20 credits)

Accounting and Finance (20 credits)

Academic and Professional Development (20 credits)

Events Management (20 credits)

Development of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (20 credits)

Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality (20 credits)

Marketing Management (20 credits)

Customer Relations Management (20 credits)

Operations Management (20 credits)

Finance Management (20 credits)

Human Resource Management (20 credits)

Leaner must score a minimum of 240 credits to be awarded the certificate.
The learning and teaching strategy for Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management (Level 5 ) are designed effectively & efficiently so as to attain the 240 credits & gain the intended learning outcomes as per the module.

The general approach to enabling the learning process for most modules involves:

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Class discussions
  • Presentations

Due to the wide variety of modules included in this programme, there may be different approaches adopted that are appropriate for a particular module. At the start of each module, tutors will provide a scheme of work which details the module structure, assessment and learning and teaching approaches to be adopted.

The following criteria must be met in order to secure admission to ASTI Dubai.

  • Level of GCE/GCSE or equivalent qualification
  • The learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course

ASTI Dubai hasn’t released tuition-fee for Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Mangement for the year 2020. Please use the inquiry form to get current tution fee & registration details.



Scholarships covering 20 % of tuition fees are provided to students.

A limited number of scholarships are available for students with outstanding academic performance and personal qualities. These scholarships are very highly competitive.This facility is only available to students who applies for the scholarship & do the due process. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: +971 4280 9955

Please download the application form at Complete and return it to ASTI DUBAI with relevant qualification documents, one suitable reference and a copy of your passport via email and attached scanned document copies at or, by post to ASTI Dubai,Building 29, 5th Street, Al Qusais-2, Dubai, U.A.E  

Admission & Study Location:

ASTI Dubai, Al Qusais Campus